Jewellery Repair Service

Free Jewellery Repair Service


Our new jewellery repair service is free to all customers of Food Jewellery Direct for the first 3 months after you receive your order.

This service offers the following benefits:

  • Repair a faulty or damaged jewellery.
  • Upgrade a jewellery or watch product by changing certain beads, earring findings, etc. Example of this would be: changing a silver plated earring to sterling silver.

This service is only available to customers who buy from Food Jewellery Direct and not for consumers buying from other providers.

After 3 months you can still use this service, but a fee will be charged.

Fees vary accordingly.

If you are interested in this service fill out the form below and one of our expert repairers will contact you back.

Jewellery Repair Service
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