Privacy Agreement


Your Personal Details Are Safe With Us!

Due to the new (GDPR General Data Protection law 2018), we have updated our privacy policy.

This new law replaces the Data Protection Act of 1998.

You have the right to opt in or refuse cookies permission when using this website.

  • Purchase And Delivery Of Items

When you open an account on this site and place an order you will be assign a order number which is used to identify your order.

We use your personal data; name, address, email and telephone number to complete transactions, contact you if required and for delivery purpose only.

Your personal information is safely encrpted to comply with UK law.

We do not send you marketing mail unless you request it.

  • Credit Cards And Debit Cards

When you place an order, you will be taken to the check out section of our website which is fully encrpted to protect your personal data.

When you completed all the required steps you will be led to the PayPal payment page where you are required to input your card details.

We cannot see or collect your credit or debit card details because its encrpted and handled by Paypal.

The only information we have of you is the information you provide to us at the checkout page; such as name, address, email and telephone number.


  • Fraud Prevention

If we suspect an order might be fraudulent, we will cancel the order straight away.


  • Cookies

We use cookies on this website to provide a better user experience and for our system to recognise your browser or device.

If you don't want to give consent to cookies to be used, you can opt out or opt in.


  • Security

Our website uses the (SSL) Secure sockets Layer which encrpts information you input onto our website to protect against data loss.


  • Account

Opening an account is optional on this site, you can shop without opening an account.

If you choose to open an account, you can manage and control your personal information, change your address, telephone number, password and email address.

You can track your order.

Find previous orders under purchase history.


  • Information

You can refuse to disclose certain information on this website.

You can request what information we collect from you at anytime.

However we might ask for proof to verify your identity for secruity reasons.

We are required to keep transaction history by law for the purpose of tax and accounting requirements, repeat orders, contacting you if needed and for you to review past orders.


  • Consent

You can withdraw your consent at anytime if you don't want your personal information such as address, name, email address, etc used to complete an order.

We will stop the process of the order and cancel if requested.




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