Questions About Our Products And Services

Questions About Our Products And Services

What Are Your Jewellery Made From?

Most of the jewellery we sell on this site is from polymer clay, acrylic (a type of plastic), metal, enamel and other forms of plastic.

I'm Allergic To Nickel, Lead And Silver Plated Jewellery Do You Have Any Other Options?

All of our products are nickel and lead free.

If you are allergic to silver plated jewellery, we can use sterling silver or 9ct gold instead which costs extra.

You can also choose cord for necklaces, watches and bracelets.

I Would Like To Buy One Of Your Rings, But You Don't Have Any Sizes?

To make it easy for customers who are unsure of their ring size, we use adjustable ring bands in all of our rings.

Since the ring bands can be adjusted to fit your finger this allows for you to correctly wear your ring without it being to small or too large.

Can I Customized My Jewellery According To My Tastes?

Yes most items can be customized. If you would like for example crystals or semi-precious gemstones on a watch you can either write a detailed requirement in the custom box or send us a email.

However we cannot print your name on Love Hearts or other polymer clay jewellery.

Are The Gift Boxes Sent With My Order Free And Can I Choose Which Colour I Would Like?

Yes the standard gift boxes/pouches are free. You only pay for the cost of shipping your order. We automatically send out a random colour gift box or bag, unless you ask us to send a particular colour.

Do You Sell Luxury Gift Boxes?

Yes, choose the gift packaging option. This allows you to buy luxury satin boxes in red, yellow, purple, pink and green.

Prices start from £3.99 per box.

Why Does The Appearance And Size Of Your Clay Jewellery Differ From The Picture?

Reasons why you may receive a item which is slightly different in appearance from the picture is because each product differs slightly in size, apearance and shape, this is normal process and nothing to worry about.

It means that sizes, appearance, and shapes will vary which is normal and not a flaw or poor quality design.

I'm Getting Married Soon Can You Make Wedding Food Jewellery?

We cater for brides, bridesmaids, grooms, etc. If you would like wedding gift/favors contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

I Would Like To Buy Children's Jewellery Do You Sell Any?

We generally don't sell food jewellery to young children, incase they mistaken it for real food.

However if you have older children such as teenagers we sell a wide choice of fun jewellery.

The reason why we don't sell food jewellery to children under 14 years of ages is they might mistaken it for real food.

Do You Sell Wholesale?

Unfortunately at this time we don't do wholesale.

I Would Like My Name Or Initials Made Into A Bracelet. Can You Make Name Jewellery?

Yes, only for bracelets, keyrings, necklaces, watches and earrings.

Name food jewellery is one of our newest service. If you would like to take advantage of this new product before it hits the site, use the contact form and get in touch with us!

Do You Do Bespoke Orders? I Need A Personalised Gift For A Love One Made?

Sure. We can accept custom orders of your choice. Email us and send detailed instructions of what you would like. You can use the Request An Item form or the general contact page.

Bespoke orders can take a week to make and depending on any changes you make, busy times, delays and public holidays can take up to 3 weeks to dispatch.

Note: All Bespoke Orders are non-returnable or refundable once made and dispatched see our return page.